Monday, April 30, 2007

Getting Organized and Time Well Spent

My most productive knitting times have been dentist's waiting rooms, family gatherings and waiting for the subway.

If you consider that previous to learning to knit, all those hours were wasted time. When one knits these become not only productive, but enjoyable and relaxing too. Now, when old Aunt Trudy's 90th birthday party rolls around, instead of thinking I could be spending the day reading, biking, kayaking, even doing laundry; I look at it as an opportunity to knit.

Why am I organized? Becuase I am a very forgettful person. I learned by experience that I cannot remember what knitting needles I own. I do not have one of every type in every size, but as to whether I have a set of US 7 dpn or a us2 16' circular, I have no idea off the top of my head. After buying the same needles one too many times, I decided to keep track of my collection with my Palm Pilot TX. It came with Excel. It is super handy and I recommend it to everyone. I use a very basic spreadsheet, it's all I need. Since it is in my pda I always have it with me whenever I'm in a yarn store or reading a new pattern.

Aside, from a knitting needle spreadsheet, I love that my pda also has ereader. I have about 10 books, including a dictionary loaded in it. IT also holds photographs and the standards such as an address book, calendar and to do list. I plan on loading knitting patterns into it in the future since it also came with Microsoft Word.

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