Monday, April 9, 2007

Hats Given Away and Kayak Dreams

On Saturday Robert and I drove to the upper west side to visit Justine and finally she Asher, her new baby. I brought Justine a new hat. I got to hold Asher for about 15 minutes straight. If you add up all the previous time I've been around babies in my entire life it probably adds up to 15 minutes. So I just doubled my baby exposure time.

It was also Monica's birthday so I brought her a hat too. One of the Angolina Jolie hats. ( I have another one ready for JoAnn ).

Here is an added bonus pic of toddler hat, knit using Patagonia cotton. It's for David & Rebecca's son Joseph. I hope we get a chance to visit him before he outgrows it. Justine liked the cotton yarn, so that is what I will make her Yoda baby kimono out. The pattern is only written for 6 month olds, so I will have to figure out the numbers for a 9 month old since the jacket if for the autumn.

I am also once again considering a new kayak. My current boat is really for beginners. The clue being the drink cup holder that isn't even usable once you put the spray skirt on. Take a look at this beauty. And most importantly, it has a SKEG!!!!!

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