Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Getting closer to paddling

We are getting closer to the paddling part. This past Saturday we moved the boats from the old boathouse to the new boathouse. Actually we paddled them across over. This Sunday might be our first unofficial trip. Cartoppping the boats to Prall's Island Bird Haven. It's not a "public" trip, just for regular volunteers who are experienced paddlers. The water is still cold, 47 degrees. This requires dry suits or wet suits.

Two weeks ago the LICboathouse sent me for CPR & First Aid & AED (Automated External
) certification. It's scary to think I would be responsible for saving a paddler from drowning. Pulling them out of the water and administering CPR. But, hey they gave me a little card that says I'm trained to do it.

On the knitting front, the second sock form my first pair is nearing completion. The heels sure look different.
I did the heel turn wrong, turning too soon. It is centered properly and wearable so I will live with it as is. These socks are fraternal twins, as Helen from the knitting group says, not identical twins. I will love them just the same, as they are my first pair of socks.

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