Friday, April 27, 2007

Get Ready to Flip

My new boat as arrived! A Wilderness Systems Tempest 165. We picked it up from a delivery warehouse in Maspeth at 8:30 this morning. My husband took one look at how long, low and narrow it is and said, "I hope you don't mind being wet, because you are going to flip over, and often."

I pointed out that we own wet suits and
could begin practicing our Eskimo rolls and wet exits in the cold water. He did not look enthusiastic. It was pouring rain and a number of strangers yelled out to us if we were going to use the kayak in the street.

I choose this boat because I am hoping it tracks better than the Cape Horn I have. I love my Cape Horn, but it slides across the water out of control with the least bit of wind. Not good when you are island hopping in Maine. The Tempest also has a skeg which will make a big difference in regards to being blown sideways. It is a lot narrower - 21.5" vs 25" - so it will be more tippy. The seat is a tight fit, no chocolate cake for me.

In knitting news, today I am
wearing my first pair of socks. Koigu 100% merino. I started my second pair of socks. Koigu also, but a red, orange, purple, brown mix. I cast on 4 less stitches since my brown socks came out a touch loose. This will make the second pair 1/2 inch tighter since my gauge is 8 per inch or 24 per 4 inches.

I must share my ball winding skills. I amazed myself last night by winding this fab ball of yarn. I sat on the floor with my legs out in front. The skein held by my feet as I wound the ball. It's not perfect, but my best yarn ball yet.

Lastly, I send a
question out. What does everyone keep their working projects in? I use a utilitarian gallon size ziplock bag. It's transparent and keeps the project dry & clean. It's not very pretty though.

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