Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Gelato anyone?

So what do you do when you planned on an evening of knitting and you are invited out for a birthday celebration? You celebrate AND knit!

Yesterday was my friend Richard's birthday. My husband, Robert, Richard and his girl JoAnn enjoyed too much tapas and then headed to Little Italy for dessert. At that point I couldn't hold back anymore and out came the knitting. My first socks.

It was a relaxed place so I had a while before my gelato showed up. Hey, the ball of yarn s the same size & shape as my gelato.

Coincidence, maybe not. All roads lead to knitting. I see yarn and knitting references everywhere. I've also added a pic of my sock in the morning sun. Let, me tell you, I had a hell of time starting these. Mishaps due to me listenign to a salesperson again.

You'd think I'd have learned by now not to listen to salespeople. The pattern said US3, but the woman insisted I should use US 0 since I am a loose knitter. Well, my first attempt was tiny - about 5 inches circumference. My ankles are the standard 9 inches, so something close to 8 inches would be more appropriate.

I made a swatch with US1, then with US 2. US 2 was the charm. A four inch swatch has got to have around 30 stitches. US 2 gave me 32, whereas the US 0 was giving me 44. I frogged it and started again. After an inch of ribbing it appears to be a normal size now.
Just wait until I get to the turn! The horror!

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