Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dr. Who has taken my socks to the Tardis

Dr Who has taken my first pair of socks and put them in his tesseract spaceship, The Tardis. (Yes, I know I have revealed my deep, dark past of being a sci fi nerd, but I can't help it.) The reason I know that my socks are in the forth dimension is because they do not fit. They are baggy and slouchy despite my precise calculations and multiple gauge swatches.

My gauge is 8 stitches an inch on US2 with Koigu PPM. I want my socks to measure 8 inches around. 8 x 8 =64 stitches to cast on. When I measure my finished socks after wearing them for a day, they are 9 inches wide at the ankles and there are 7 stitches per inch.

I just know they were taken to the forth analog dimension onboard The Tardis and resized. How else could this have happened? Math is math. It is the one true form of truth and beauty in the universe. I will thwart the alternate reality alterations in the future by knitting my second pair of socks as if I knit with a gauge of 7 and only cast on 56 stitches. 7 x 7.5 (I want the socks to at least start off 1 inch smaller then my ankles).

I ask you, should patterns list a pre-stretched and a post-stretched gauge?? At least for socks? What about for the seat part of a knit dress? Hmmmm.

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