Monday, April 30, 2007

Boat vs. Frank Gehry Bracelet

If you had a choice would you spend your money on a Frank Gehry Bracelet from Tiffany's or a kayak? Many women would say the bracelet. Why ask this?In the Sunday New York Times, there was an ad for Tiffany's jewelry. One of the less expensive items was a bracelet which costs the same as my kayak. Who are these women that are spending this amount on a bracelet. Even if they're wealthy, what does it say about their priorities in life to spend this amount on a trinket?
Technically, I bought my boat on sale, so one Frank Gehry bracelet costs hundreds more than my boat. What can you do with a $1,500 piece of jewelry? What can you do with a kayak?

Here are pics we saw on our paddle:

our friend Joan leaning out of her art studio window on Newtown Creek,
the Cape Race ship from Newfoundland
and lastly, my husband, Robert, who took all the pics today.

Now, if we were talking about whether to spend $1,500 on yarn, there would be no questions. Everyone would shout a resounding "Yes." It is very sensible to spend any amount on your stash.
Do I hear any arguments? In fact I don't think American Express expects you to pay off any debt acrewed from yarn purchases. They are gratis. At least I hope so.


  1. i've been blogged!

  2. Your 'river' pictures are beautiful

    as a very young child, i lived just north of there, (hallets cove) and loved to walk over to the river's edge.

    still i am very unsure about the idea of kayaking in the east river.
    don't you need to get immediate medical treatment if you get your mouth/ears/eyes (any body openings) in the east river? the tidal waters around NYC are much cleanern than they used to be, but aren't they still unsafe?