Saturday, March 3, 2007

Color craziness

I offered to make a hat for my friend Justine and little did I know what color craziness I would encounter. She picked out a Geranium color from Blue Sky Alpaca. Here is where the interesting quandaries start. (Interesting to a nerd like me who does color retouching, that is.) I went to 5 web sites and on each one the color looked different. From a dark red-violet to a rich pink.

Yes the above are all the SAME color from different yarn web sites. In real life the color is a deep raspberry, close to the middle. Blue
Sky also makes a brick red. Turns out they use the same red dye, but Geranium is over-dyed on their white yarn and their red is over-dyed onto their tan or natural yarn.

So I decided to use my little Pentax Optio to see if I could do a better job. Being a nerdy science student in high school I remembered to use a "control" to measure my camera's ability and my color correction ability.

My controls were a bottle of ketchup - everyone knows what color ketchup is. And to use four red shades from the crayola box. This way anyone could hold any of these items up to their monitor and gauge how off, my camera, my photoshop and their monitor is.

On my new non-color corrected Viewsonic flat screen the first pic is the most accurate. On my color corrected laptop screen, the crayon pic is the closest to true colors. I'd better not tell anyone how entertaining this all is to me.

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