Friday, March 23, 2007

Bad blogger - no a strep throat blogger

Yes, I know I'm a bad blogger. I should have raised feverish head form the damp pillow and demanded (although I could bot speak for a week)that my husband bring me my laptop and let me feebly peck away at the keyboard.

Hey, I couldn't even sit up and knit, let alone take pictures and upload them. Fear not, I am back and knittier than ever!!

The hat is really bad. It's more like a lace pancake, than a bulky hat. That's what I get for trusting a random pattern off the internet and also trusting the overly insistent saleslady. "No, no", I said as she handed me some catalina chunky. "I think it should be thicker than that, but not as thick as the Blue Sky Bulky." "Nonsense, here's ya wool. Now buy it.", she replied. Implying she was the expert and I the lowly dumb customer.

Ah, do I dare leave work early to run over to Yarn & Co for some bigger than chunky and thinner than bulky yarn???? Stay tuned.

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