Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Justine Gifts

Justine's knitted gifts are finished! I packed them up in a gift bag. I am especially proud of the green bootees.

When you follow the pattern you get a big lumpy space at the heel.
See yellow boot below. It's not just me, Carolyn warned me about the heel lump. This yellow is actually less lumpy than if you follow the pattern. On the green pair I totally disregarded the pattern and made up my own heel.

I changed the pattern so that you stop 10 short of the number of 47 rows the pattern suggests and cast off. Then you sew the seam and get a decorative hole at the heel. I considered sewing a "T" shaped seam so that it was closed up, but I liked the look of the hole.

The gifts are wrapped and I need
to walk them over to Justine's parent's apartment. I'll leave them with the doorman, since Justine might not make it to the city soon and Robert is in the depths of his documentary film.

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