Saturday, February 10, 2007

Unfinished Business

Here are my four in-progress projects:

A yellow hat to add to the Justine gift package. These will match the yellow bootee. They are made out of washable wool, BEBE Lang. Lang is a swiss yarn company.

A burgundy wool scarf using feather & fan, 6 stitch. Cascade Peruvian Highland wool. I really loved this color in the store and now I think it is an old lady color. I will finish it and give it to an old lady. I shouldn't say that. Lots of people like that color, just not me. I'll give the scarf to the next person who likes burgundy. (I still like burgunday wine, though.)
People are surprised when I explain how easy feather & fan it. If you can YO and K2TOG, you can feather & fan. That's all it is. The scalloped edge forms naturally form the tight and loose areas of the stitch.

The third project is another feather & fan. I believe it is part silk and part synthetic. I lost the label. It is very soft. I bought it from teh sale bin at Stitches East. I have read several reviews that teh women there are mean, but they have always been very helpful to me. I actually prefer shopping there to Knits Incredible. Now that place has a weird vibe.

The nicest yarns sales peopel I have met are the women at The Yarn Connection. They taught me how to feather & fan, how ot use a stitch holder. Help me pick out yarns. And they even remember me and my projects and ask how they are going.

The last in progress is a Merino wool scarf, done in uneven rib stitch. I love this stitch. It looks like a real rib, but it does squish together like a real rib. Frog Tree. This is so soft it feels like cashmere.

I don't understand how some wool is so soft and other regular wool is so rough.

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