Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Busy with paddling & knitting activities

I never got to give Justine her knitted baby items. The root canal I had on Friday just knocked me out. I was non-functional for a day or two. Certainly not ready for a party and certainly not ready to travel to Manhattan for two days.

But, I get to finish all the the items properly and I will mail them to her.

Tonight I went to my first Stitch & Bitch. It was great fun. I met Helen who appreciates math and knitting. Please everyone look at "The Home of Mathematical Knitting." It is so interesting.

A great book if you are interested in math formulas which exist in nature and knitting these is "Knitting Nature." Most of the patterns look to hard for me at this point. Need to learn more.

Alissa, who I have not hung out with in years also joined us. She was working on a scarf she started recently. We all plan to go again next week. Except Carolyn since she will be in Costa Rica.

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