Sunday, February 18, 2007

Busy week - busy knitting that is

Two hats finished this week!
The tam made with the silk cashmere blend is finished.

Once this was finished I started on my first bulky knit item. A green Alpaca/wool blend by Blue Sky. Beautiful, beautiful colors. It was about three days to knitting. a little each evening. What you can't see is how soft the yarn feels.

The hat is very warm, but a bit loose. I am thinking of blocking it, another first for me, to see if it would get a bit tighter. I like my hats to fit snug. Guess this pattern is for someone with lots of thick hair.

One bad thing about this hat is that it uses one full hank and about 1/4 of another one. I am considering getting a third hank and making a second hat to give as a gift. At $16 a hank though, these are pricey hats. But, sooo soft.
I love making hats. They are so quick and each one is different. The next hat is plain dark green wool, not too soft in fact. The pattern has "random" cables in it. Found it on a great web site called magknits. My first try at cables. Wish me luck.

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